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National Ethics Awareness Month

Are you aware there are ethics for photographers? March is National Ethics Awareness Month, so this is a good time to review the ethics for photographers. This article focuses on the ethics for nature photographers whose subjects include landscapes, wildlife, insects, plants and flowers.

  1. Keep your distance when photographing wildlife. Getting too close can disturb the animal and if too upset, it may not return to its home. Your close presence may also cause the animal to feel trapped and thus, try to defend itself — you could be harmed.
  2. Baiting wild animals by providing food is frowned upon by many nature photography organizations.
  3. Leave it as you found it. Keep your impact on the area to a minimum. Don’t trample the vegetation as you walk to a location. Don’t pick large quantities of wildflowers. Don’t take bird nests, even if you think they are abandoned. And, don’t leave any evidence that you were there—pick up behind yourself.

The overall goal is to get a great photo without being a nuisance to wildlife or destroying the scene.